Southern Interior & Fitout LLC

Our goal is to become an innovative and leading force in the Middle East in the field of joinery and interiors for hotels, restaurants, malls, offices, showrooms, commercial buildings, villas etc. Our designs are aimed at creating pleasant and captivating environments whether for commercial or residential projects.


  • All kind of upholstery works
  • Re- upholstery works/li>
  • Upholstery & non- upholstered furniture
  • Curtain works
  • Wall panelling
  • Carpentry works
  • Cladding works
  • Wooden & carpet flooring
  • Doors , kitchen binets , wardrobes , counters etc.
  • Tilling ,electrical painting works
  • Partition & false ceiling
  • Renovation &refurbishment
  • Maintenance works
  • Joinery & fit-out works

Residential Interiors

  • Villa Interiors
  • Bungalow Interiors
  • Apartment Interiors
  • Kitchen Interiors
  • Bathroom Interiors
  • Bedroom Interiors
  • Living Room Interiors
  • Dining Room Interiors
  • Residential Outdoor & Indoor Interiors
  • Kid's Room Interiors
  • Home Office Interiors
  • Home Gym Interiors
  • Hall Interiors
  • Home Staircase Interiors
  • Commercial Interiors

Office Interiors

  • Community Center Interiors
  • Museum Interiors
  • Retail Store / Shopping Mall Interiors
  • Warehouse Interiors
  • Library Interiors
  • Hospitality and Recreation Interiors
  • Restaurant Interiors
  • Hotel Interiors
  • Resorts Interiors
  • Convention Center Interiors
  • Health care & Medical office Interiors
  • Government Establishments Interiors

Commencement – Submittals

Shop Drawings: Shop drawings are submitted to the lead consultant as required. Site conditions are verified and measurements taken prior to preparing shop drawings to ensure accurate installation of work.

Samples: Samples of materials, color and finishes etc. are submitted to the lead consultant for approval. Identical samples are held by our Quality Control Department.

Sample Unit: Samples of typical panels are submitted to the lead consultant for review where necessary. Sample unites remain on site and in our factory as a standard for both manufacture and installation work.

Product Date: Manufacturers’ product date is submitted for each item as required by the Consultant to verify evidence of compliance.

Material Control – Delivery, Storage and Handling

All materials and components are handled carefully to prevent damage and are assessed for compliance prior to production.

Wherever possible, components are not delivered to site until the work of wet trades is complete.

Components are protected from moisture.

Tagging is utilized for identification purposes as necessary and secure storage areas maintained for portable items.

On-Site Activities – Installation

a) All materials and components are delivered to site as per site dimension and shop drawings for installation.

b) Installation takes place in accordance with our own site requirements and manufacturer’s instructions as specified. Necessary site adjustments assure correct and trouble-free installation c) Allowances are made where fixed objects pass through, or project into or around, the periphery of installed work to permit normal movement without restriction. d) Units are set level, plumb, and to line and location. e) All openings are prepared to ensure that square and clean edges are left after cutting. f) Ambient conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting are checked to ensure quality is maintained.

Completion – Adjust and Clean

a) All working parts are adjusted, as required, to operate smoothly without sticking and binding. b) All adjacent surfaces are cleaned and identification marks removed. c) Where necessary, final adjustments are made and installed items are cleaned by removal of tape, temporary identification marks, debris, adhesive, etc. d) Surplus materials, rubbish and debris resulting from the site works are removed and areas are left in a neat and clean condition.


  • SOUTHERN Interiors & Fit out llc is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees and project staff whether office based or on site.
  • Precautions will be taken to provide safe systems of work, and to ensure that adequate instructions and information are available to enable potentially hazardous operations to be assessed and controlled.
  • Facilities will be provided to maintain proper consultation between management and employees, via routine safety meetings.
  • The company recognizes that early planning, effective prevention and control, personal protective equipment, accident reporting and good records are all part of an effective safe management policy.
  • Subcontractors are similarly bound by this policy and are required to perform assessments of their operations and materials and, in liaison with Southern Interiors, to provide a safe working environment for their employees and subcontractors.

Project Safety Procedures

It is our intention that safety procedures associated with the following will be provided to the project personnel. They will be made available to site supervision in the form of instructions or approved method statements.

  • a) Safe access to and from place of work
  • b) b) Fire prevention
  • c) Work in confined spaces
  • d) Substances hazardous to health
  • e) Electricity on site
  • f) Site plant and equipment
  • g) Personal protection equipment
  • h) Work at heights
  • i) Storage

Southern Interiors

we help you Build Spaces that make you smile and create fantasy!

We are a team of highly-skilled and extremely prolific designers and interior space decor professionals. We get our highs from transforming our clients' vision into reality, even better than their imagination. We have a close knit team of interior designers and architects who are well-versed and highly skilled in building Residential Interior Spaces as well as Commercial Interior Spaces which works both practically and aesthetically.

Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients. We aim at thoroughly understanding client's personal taste and likes and transforming them into the interior design solutions. With extremely strong values in place, we at Southern Interiors take every step towards excellence in interior design. We believe in the power of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional in character. We align core values and dynamic use of space in the creating of great designed interior spaces in UAE